About Jean d'Avèze, Paris Skin Care

 The office will reopen on the 4th May 2015 - thanks!

Jean d'Avèze Paris, a high quality and advanced technology line of skincare products including Jouvence Cream is available in South Africa. This trusted and well-known high-end JDA brandname has been available in Europe for over 58 years and is distributed world-wide in over 50 countries.

Jean d'Avèze Paris has a long established reputation for Jouvence Cream, a topical cream of choice for acne and surgery scars, stretch marks, aging skin and other skin imperfections. Jouvence Cream was first created in 1953 by the doctor in Bio-Chemistry, Alice Darot who discovered the exceptional rejuvenating properties of Calophytherapy. The same active ingredient was first used in the main Hospitals of Paris, France for helping to reduce surgery scars and for dressing wounds because of its beneficial regenerating and therapeutic properties. 


High Ideals is the exclusive distributor of Jean d'Aveze in Southern Africa.